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Personal Finance
Course on YouTube!

After over 7 years of tutoring 1-on-1, I decided to start a YouTube channel to provide

FREE tutoring to students all around the world.

My mission has always been to add value to our younger generations by making

Math and Science fun, simple and applicable to everyday life.

However, I have come to realize that the curriculum provided in most schools

barely prepares students for one crucial aspect of their lives:

how to handle their finances!

This is why I have decided to focus my channel on Personal Finance. Not only because it is a necessary topic, but because it's something my students crave.

If you think my channel could be of benefit to you or your family,

make sure to SUBSCRIBE and ring the notification bell!

Also, make sure to SHARE it with someone you think could benefit from it.

I look forward to helping you in your Financial Journey!


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